1. What is a 4D Motion Module?

The 4D Motion Modules are focused training components that present the key information on one screen, fast and simple. Modules allow for auto-detection of movements, thus providing hands free operation. Modules are necessary if you want to capture swings, throws, etc. in game situations where you need complete portability, auto-capture, and may be out of Bluetooth range. We recommend modules for training and if you want to capture movements on the course and in the field.

2. What is the difference between the 4D Motion Modules and the Expert Systems? 

4D Motion expert systems are fully loaded motion capture systems with 360 degree avatar views, analytic tools, graphs, metrics and loaded with data. Many configurations allow you to capture motion from any part of the body. We recommend the expert system for the coach or player who needs complete flexibility, is familiar with bio-mechanical data and graphs or would like to learn about them.

3. Why do I need modules when I have an expert system?

Modules have been customized to give you just the information that you need, quickly, simply and is ideal for the fast feedback needed for a training environment. Modules auto-detect movements and can work even when away from a mobile device and thus work on the course, in a game, and are completely portable with hands-free operation. 

4. What are some advantages you have over your competitors?

While many systems can measure only a few body parts, or a piece of equipment, 4D Motion is a complete motion capture system with options to capture virtually all parts of the body and equipment such as a bat or golf club synchronized with the body movement. 

4D motion is completely portable. You can capture movements in any location even in a competitive game, on the field or course.  

4D Motion has been designed to give you all the flexibility that you need for your motion capture needs and budget. 

5. Can I do multiple sports with an expert system?

Yes as long as you have the license for each sport

6. What systems does 4D Motion work with?

4D Motion is available for iOS on the iPad and iPhone only


7. How close do I need to be from the iPad to collect information?

Gen3 sensors use Bluetooth 5.0 technology to connect to your mobile device and therefore have similar range to other Bluetooth devices that you already have. Environment factors, e.g. indoors/outdoors, the amount of signals in that area, etc., also may affect the range

4D Motion Modules will work at any distance, even out of Bluetooth range. The system will detect if you are back within range and automatically download all the data onto your iOS device.

8. How do the sensors attach to the body? 

Sensors are attached to the body with custom 4D Motion straps, clips, mounts and/or body tape. 

 9. How do the sensors recognize the target line when I am using them on the course or the range? 

There are two options: 1. The direction you are facing at calibration represents the target line. This is ideal for training if the target line is consistent. 2. If you are in a competitive environment where the target line is changing, we use the pelvis direction at the address/setup position for the target line. 

10. Do I need to use all 6 sensors to capture swings?

You can use 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 sensors at a time. You have complete control.

11. How is the data captured and transmitted to the iPad/iPhone?

The sensors use Bluetooth to transmit data to your iOS device


12. Where is the data stored? 

Data is stored on the sensors, the mobile device and the cloud. When connected to the internet, the data is transmitted to the cloud and can be shared across your devices. 

13. Can I connect the 4D Motion app on a widescreen TV to show students in a studio environment?

Yes you can use an HDMI adapter or Apple TV screen sharing.

14. Does 4D Motion offer any educational courses to show how to read the graphs and help interpret the data numbers being displayed on the app.?

Yes, most of the modules have educational videos that train you on how to use the module and interpret the data. We will also continue to grow a library of educational courses.

15. What type of hardware/software warranty comes with the 4D Motion system? 

All 4D Motion products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Additional hardware warranty information can be found here and software warranty information can be found here