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3-Sensor Hitting & Pitching Module Bundle for Softball Coach

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With this 2- and 3-sensor module bundle for hitting and pitching, use 2 sensors to work on hip/chest kinematic sequence for more hitting power. Use 3 sensors to work on generating speed efficiently in fast pitch. Key metrics of the position of the arm, chest and pelvis, as well as hip chest separation are provided to help you with your pitching form.

Famed softball coach, Rick Pauly, and MLB hitting coach, Rick Strickland, help you understand the metrics and provide training drills to improve.

Coach version allows for multiple player profiles.

Additional Information

Hardware plus 1-year licenses for the following modules included:
  • 3-Sensor Softball Speed Module 
  • 3-Sensor Softball Position Module 
  • 2-Sensor Hitting Torso Module 

Hardware included:
  • Three Gen3 sensors 
  • Charging cable 
  • Storage Pouch 
  • XL Strap
  • Hydrogel Body Tape
  • KTape
  • Sensi-Wrap
  • Bat Mount 
  • 4D Motion bag

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