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4-Sensor All Golf Modules Bundle for Player

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This modules bundle includes 11 golf 4D modules to provide a comprehensive menu of training options. 

Use 1-sensor for real-time biofeedback; 2 sensors for the wrist module and hip/chest kinematic sequence; 3 sensors for hip/chest/club kinematic sequence and arm positional practice; or 4 sensors for kinematic sequence training. 

Additional Information

Player version allows for a single profile. 
Hardware plus 1-year licenses for each of the following modules included:

  • 4-Sensor Kinematic Sequence 
  • 3-Sensor Kinematic Sequence & Angles
  • 3-Sensor Arm Positional Practice
  • 2-Sensor Wrist 
  • 2-Sensor Kinematic Sequence 
  • 1-Sensor Chest
  • 1-Sensor Chest Speed & Stability
  • 1-Sensor Club 
  • 1-Sensor Hip
  • 1-Sensor Pelvis Kinematic Timing
  • 1-Sensor Sway

Hardware included:
  • Four Gen3 sensors 
  • USB Charging cables 
  • Storage pouch 
  • XL Strap
  • Hydrogel Body Tape
  • KTape
  • Sensi-Wrap
  • Club Mount 
  • 4D Motion Bag

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